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Dr Biank provides general dental services with the philosophy that the patient is the boss of their dental care. Everyone deserves respect for the level of dental health that they desire. Some patients desire a sophisticated approach to their dental needs using many disciplines of dentistry, such as minor orthodontics, laminates and root canal, while others desire a minimal level of care such as a procedure for the relief of pain. Dr. Biank wants to meet every patientís needs and provide his highest level of care.

A list of Services includes:

Chairside Toddler Check Partial Dentures
Composite Laminates Periodontal Care
Connective Tissue Grafts Porcelain Laminates
Conventional Periodontal Surgery Porcelain over metal
Crowns Precision Attachments
Dentures Root Canals
Fixed Bridge work Semi Precision Attachments for Partials
Free Gingival Grafts Silver Fillings
Mini Implants Snoring Appliance
Oral Surgery Therapeutic Root Planing
Orthodontics - minor and full cases Tooth Colored Fillings
Over Dentures Tooth Whitening

Currently we are introducing the Silent Night Appliance to our patients. The technique is 85% successful. In a recent dental survey of dentists, they believed that for their patients it was 95% successful! An appliance like this may not be for everyone so we are offering a 30-day money back trial. Try the appliance for 30 days, if it is not for you, return the appliance and we wil refund your money. What do you have to lose except a good night's sleep?

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